Recommended Monthly Salary Scales

We are engaged as one of the renowned solution providers offering a wide range of Manpower Recruitment Services. For our clients, we can select candidates for different categories such as skilled, semi skilled, & highly skilled, accountants, engineers, doctors, and project managers. The recommended monthly salary scales vary for each personnel, which are mentioned below:

Recommended Monthly Salary Scales
S. No. Categories U.S.$
1 Unskilled 180-200
2 Semiskilled 250-300
3 Skilled 300-350
4 Highly Skilled 400-450
5 Driver/Operator 300-450
6 Clerk/Salesman 450-500
7 Steno/Secretary 450-500
8 F. Man/Supervisor 1000-1500
9 Accountant 600-800
10 Engineers 1500-2000
11 Project Managers 2500-4000
12 Doctors 2500-5000
The above mentioned salaries are subject to negotiation.

The company will provide free food/accommodation and medical allowance as well. The duty will be 8 hours per day, six days a week.

Documents for Visa Required

Our reliable and personalized Manpower Recruitment Services meet the requirements of our clients based in different parts of the world. Following documents are required for hiring the individual in the below mentioned countries:

Saudi Arabia / Singapore:

  • Demand Letter
  • Consul Letter
  • Power of Attorney
  • C.R.Copy
  • Visa Copy
  • Specimen Agreement

Bahrain / U.A.E. / Oman / Qatar / Kuwait:

  • Demand Letter
  • Power of Attorney
  • C.R. Copy
  • Visa Copy
  • Specimen Agreement